We invite our customers

We invite our customers

  • Haas und Bühler@iba 2018
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  • Our customers newsletter of May 7, 2018

Creating Tomorrow Together

Benefits for you, our customers, were our main goal for the merger of Haas with Bühler. Last autumn we astonished the market – One year later, we have grown into a great team. Our motto “Creating Tomorrow Together” @ iba illustrates all the advantages you have gained from this cooperation.

Discover innovative recipes and new ideas

Discover innovative recipes and new ideas

At more than 1,000 square meters of booth space, we will combine the best of both companies:

Live production in our Inno Lab

Discover innovative new wafer, biscuit and convenience food products combined with the luxurious touch of chocolate and coffee. Our food technologists will entertain you with their latest creations. Get professional insights into the newest developments and find your perfect new recipes.

Latest trends in the Ideation Room

We’ll take you on a journey around the world, from raw material to a variety of end products. You’ll have the chance to try some samples there of course. Get inspired by chocolate, coffee, flour and the delicious little things made from those ingredients. Find out in what way Food Safety and Corporate Social Responsibility are of major importance to us as companies and hence to your business.

From grain to confectionary products – live in the Factory Area

From grain to confectionary products – live in the Factory Area

Together, Haas and Bühler create complete value chains for our customers. Take a look at our machine portfolio to find out how to achieve more production varieties by combining our processes. See flagship machines like the Contimix or the Eco-Oven live on display. Experience others like the CAIMAN or aeration equipment in our Augmented Reality World, and explore the processes at a 3D mapping table.

Take a seat and have a chat with us in our Global Village Restaurant

We take hospitality seriously, so we’re looking forward to welcoming you for further discussions while enjoying a delicious snack. And don’t forget to join us for our famous booth party to meet all our staff in a relaxed after work atmosphere.

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