What does process mean

What does process mean

  • Haas develops and supplies equipment for the production process of confectionary and baked products
  • Bühler develops and supplies equipment for the processing of cocoa, coffee, cereals and rice

What makes a process

A process is successful if it runs efficiently and without friction. This is especially valid for the production process at the customer. Little downtime and fewer rejects are the quality criteria. We will have a look at a typical process at Haas and Bühler.

The Haas wafer production process

The Haas wafer production process

batter preparation

batter deposit


wafer sheet cooling and conditioning

quality control

cream preparation

cream spreading

wafer book building

wafer book cooling

wafer book cutting

The Bühler chocolate production process

The Bühler chocolate production process

cleaning cocoa beans

roasting cocoa beans

open cocoa beans

milling cocoa beans

mixing the cocoa mass

pressing the cocoa mass

conching the cocoa mass

further processing of the chocolate

temper the chocolate

Our processes are individually tailored to the needs of our customers and guarantee the best product quality

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