From the idea to innovation

From the idea to innovation

  • and prepare the foundation for our future market success
  • driven by a dedicated Inno team in Leobendorf, which evaluates ideas and promotes innovation

Being innovative means
understanding the customer

If you enter the word 'innovative' on Google, you get around 9 million hits. There’s hardly any company or institution that does not claim this characteristic for themselves. Even in everyday language, especially at work, you hear this word almost every day. Everyone knows it, many people use it, but hardly anyone knows what innovation really is and why companies need innovation.

Innovations are not just "new inventions" or "improvements". They are solutions that are meant to be a step further or ahead and solve not only existing but already future challenges for the customer. Innovations do not have to be exclusively technical, so processes, products or business models can also be innovative.

Innovation at Haas

Innovation at Haas

Innovation department for structuring and developing new ideas

“Leonardo” Award for a true technical and patented innovation like in 2017 the Eco oven with new heating system for better use of energy and reduction of emissions

Wire Cutter 6110 RORO for allergen-free product change

Innovation at Bühler

Innovation at Bühler

UBIF (Urs Bühler Innovation Fund) to support the company's innovative capacity

"Innovations for a Better World" Award for feasible ideas with a high degree of innovation and great market potential

Project "Mango fat from Mango waste"

Project "ParGem" for the germination of legumes

Even if ideas may seem nonsensical at first,
they can become important innovations over time

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