Facts and figures that are important for us

Facts and figures that are important for us

  • Haas and Bühler complement each other in their business areas
  • Haas is a strong business segment in the Bühler Group

We are bigger
than we think

Of course, Bühler is a global and very large group with many employees, branches and divisions. This is what many of us may think. And what happens when we become part of this group, which position do we then take? Looking closely at the facts and figures, one sees that Haas is a key business segment in the future.

The Haas facts

The Haas facts

turnover of Haas Group 2016: 304 million Euros

every second wafer worldwide is produced on a Haas production line

innovation leader with the fastest ice cream cone oven on the market

world's largest producer of biscuit and cracker ovens

branch-specific specialist for mixing and aerating systems in the bakery, confectionery and dairy industries

The Bühler facts

The Bühler facts

turnover Consumer Foods 2016 division: 245 million euros

turnover Value Nutrition (Pasta and Cereals) division 2016: 441 million euros

turnover Grain and Milling division 2016: 784 million euros

2/3 of the world's chocolate production is processed on Bühler equipment

world market leader in cereal and pasta processing

the world's leading supplier for the cereals and food industry

To be self-confident means
to focus on your strengths

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