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Only a few weeks left until the end of the year

Only a few weeks left until the end of the year

  • 2017 is certainly a year of great changes for all of us
  • However, we are confidently seeing a successful 2018

The commitment and passion for what we do,
makes us strong

The year is coming to an end and the last months have brought a lot of changes. We spoke with Germar Wacker about the conclusion of 2017, an outlook to 2018 and also about his personal Christmas.

How is your personal view of the end of 2017?

How is your personal view of the end of 2017?

”The last weeks of the year are a very demanding phase for everyone in the company. All divisions are currently working hard to meet the customer deliveries by end of the year. And that is done with a very high capacity utilization in all our plants. Moreover, we want to fulfill our delivery obligations by the end of the year in the usual high quality. Especially this engagement is highly appreciated at our customers. It is the basis for our good customer relationships and its one of the major strength of Haas.

Additionally, we are in a time of change and thus in a phase beyond the customer deliveries.

At the same time, the budgets 2018 will be discussed and agreed upon with a differentiated picture of the individual business units and in partial, very different challenges. Some focus on growth, development of new markets and regions and want to strengthen the innovative power in our products – in other words, machines and solutions. This is important to continue the value creation for our customers, to stand apart from the competition and to inspire our customers in the long term. But there are also areas that are struggling to meet current obligations, both in terms of technical content and in commercial consequences of some projects. These business units have to focus on consolidation and sustainable improvement of the quality of the processes. Additionally, we have new staff constellations, which means familiarizing with and understanding working methods and expectations on both sides, but also a fruitful exchange of ideas and potentials.

The goal is an ambitious but solid budget for 2018 as a sign of reliability and strength of Haas.

In this sense, this is a phase that moves us all greatly and requires a lot of commitment from all of us. I am pleased, and it also fills me with great pride, with how much heart and soul the employees are involved in the matter and for that I want to express my gratitude.”

Which outlook / prospect to 2018 can you already give us?

Which outlook / prospect to 2018 can you already give us?

“The holidays ahead should give us a great opportunity to take time for ourselves, to recover and to draw strength in the circle of family and friends, but also to enrich ourselves with inspiration outside the profession and to be able to tackle the new year with a lot of power and energy.

The prospects for 2018 show a good starting position as far as the order books are concerned. A stable capacity utilization at the beginning of the year and thus a good base for a successful 2018.

At the same time we will strengthen our business area and region-wide cooperation. We have excellent knowledge at Haas and can learn a lot from each other in the different business area constellations. With the establishment of comprehensive sales and service functions we create together with our product units and affiliates the base for efficient processes and a better regional customer care - and thus a base for further sales growth.

We have tremendous potential in our shared strength and will make 2018 a stable and successful year.”

What means Christmas for you personally?

What means Christmas for you personally?

„For me Christmas is the time to spend with my family. For me it means romping with the kids in the snow or hitting the ski-slopes, as well as taking time for myself. To take a good book, sit by the fire place with a nice glass of wine or a cup of tea. It is also the time to let the soul dangle and give the creative mind the freedom to find power and inspiration. So Christmas is just quiet and contemplative for me.

I want to use the upcoming Christmas to sincerely thank you for your achievement in the past year. I wish you and your families a nice, peaceful celebration in the circle of your loved ones and pleasant, relaxing festive days. Merry Christmas!”

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