We, at the Leobendorf site

We, at the Leobendorf site

  • Largest employer in the region
  • 676 employees
  • Distributed at 4 companies

Excuse me, don’t we know each other?
How many times have you asked yourself this question?

We are 1,723 employees worldwide. That's quite a lot. And it’s more than possible that one does not know each other personally. And of course it gets even more complicated if you are not working in the same location. This is exactly why we took this as an opportunity to present all locations in a very personal way. This time we start with Leobendorf and the employees of Franz Haas Wafer, Franz Haas Convenience Food, Haas Food Equipment and Haas-Meincke Leobendorf. Unfortunately, we cannot introduce each one, but we hope that with our film project we will be able to give each location a personal face and that we all get an idea of what it looks like with the other colleagues. Haas-Meincke, Haas-Mondomix, Haas of America, Haas do Brasil and Haas Food Machinery Shanghai will be featured in the next issue of internal communications.

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