Organization development 2018

development 2018

  • Focus on products and processes
  • Set up of a global sales organization and a global service organization
  • Creation of one big business unit Wafers&Cones

Focus on the market and customers.
Focus on products and processes.

The Global Management Team has decided to adapt the whole Haas organization to be stronger and more efficient towards the customer and market needs, across all BUs and affiliates.

Focusing and showing strengths

Focusing and showing strengths

The basis for the fulfillment of the strategy 2020 is a strong organization that serves our customers globally and that can give global answers. Therefore, we will push the focus on products and processes as well as sales and service organization in different steps. The first step will be the establishment of a global sales organization and a global service organization which operates across all BUs / affiliates. This is needed to establish processes that bring clear added value over all sales teams globally to build individual customer values.

Furthermore, we will unite the business units Wafer and CFT to one big BU Wafers&Cones.

For both changes we will define the subsequent organization levels before Christmas. However, we would kindly ask you for your understanding that we can only communicate the new organization and the respective persons and competences after that. Please rest assured that all functions will remain. It is planned that the new organization will be valid from January 1, 2018.

To fulfill our goals we kindly ask you to focus on the market and the realization of our customer promises.

Global functions Sales and Service

Global functions Sales and Service

With the strategy 2020, Haas has set ambitious goals. To realize this sales growth and to grow continuously, both functions Sales and Service will receive a lever across the organization and a new home. The responsibility for Global Sales will be taken over by Peter Keller and the one for Global Service by Michael Baumann. Besides the global support of our customers with our own sales teams and agents, they will push tools like CRM, value selling and Global Key Account Management that builds the base for sustainable growth in turnover. Service will focus on both setting up relevant conditions for efficient after sales procedures as well as on customer oriented offers for sustainable high productivity of our plants.

We will adapt the legal entity and processes accordingly.

Creation of one big new business unit Wafers&Cones

Creation of one big new business unit Wafers&Cones

The current BUs CFT and Wafer will merge into one business unit, managed by Günter Muhr.

Despite a tense market situation, CFT has developed innovative products over the last years. Together with the BU Wafer products, the new BU will be one of the strong pillars when fulfilling our strategy and further focus on innovation as a main customer promise.

All employees will be taken into the new BU and everybody will have his/her place. With this new strength, we need to reach the set budgets for 2018.

Finally, we would like to underline that joint forces are needed to secure customers’ loyalty towards Haas and to further develop our markets

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