Haas becomes Bühler Consumer Foods

Haas becomes Bühler Consumer Foods

  • Complete integration from January 1 2019
  • Haas brands continue to exist on a product level

Since we have announced that Haas will become a member of Bühler Group, there has always been a good spirit about it. To exploit the full potential of our community, we are making important structural adjustments now and address the global food market with the newly created segment Consumer Foods.


Flashback to September 2017: The announcement of Haas becoming a member of Bühler Group creates a big stir. It was a surprise. That is why the original implementation plan went as far as 2020 to make for a smooth transition.


Now we have fast-tracked, and with good reason: from the moment of the announcement the Bühler Haas liaison was very smooth. Employees took the changes well and adapted very quickly. Wherever they met, there was always a sense of collaboration and excitement about the new opportunities, be it at the Prosweets in Cologne at the beginning of this year. Or on an even larger scale at the international bakery exhibition (iba) in September in Munich.


So why wait with the big step? To reach our full potential, we moved the complete integration forward to January 1, 2019, along with important structural reforms:

  • Bühler’s present Consumer Foods business will be separated from the Grains & Food business and brought together with Haas’ business to from the new Consumer Foods business. All machinery, applications and solutions for biscuits, wafers, baked goods, chocolate and coffee will hence be consolidated.
  • With this, Bühler will have a third business with a volume of 800 million Swiss francs, next to the existing Grains & Food and Advanced Materials businesses. Germar Wacker, now CEO of Haas, will lead the new segment and join Bühler’s Executive Board.
  • In 2019 the Haas brand will experience changes: Haas becomes Bühler. Bühler has always pursued a one brand strategy on the corporate level. That is to ensure that the perception and reputation stays strong and there is no brand dilution. This is to the benefit of everyone, new and existing businesses. The Haas logo will be replaced by Bühler’s. Haas brands will continue exist on product levels.


Grains & Food supplies all the process stages upstream of industrial bakery goods production. Thanks to a large common customer base, Consumer Foods can not only take advantage of GF’s leading market position, but also fine-tune their solutions with them – so close collaboration will continue. The driving force for this is to offer added value to the customers on the consumer foods market. Let’s take easier cooperation: Customers won’t have to talk to two providers for the same applications, but only with one. Take services: Bühler brings its network of over 100 service stations to bear, and can supply and support Haas customers as well. Take application quality: Bühler and Haas can now coordinate down to the last item in terms of solutions and technologies, and develop new, better solutions together. Take digitization: Bühler already has e-commerce platforms in place like myBühler, which can be used by Haas as well. And Haas brings in path-breaking solutions such as smart glasses that use augmented reality to project pieces of information and instructions right into the field of view of service engineers on site.

Commercially we are looking at a market potential of four billion Swiss francs, with the chance for Bühler and Haas to reach a share of 25 percent by 2025 when we manage rapid growth. With the sweet side effect of being the undisputed number one in this segment.


- Germar Wacker, Johannes Wick

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