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In our new series on the culture of innovation at Haas and Bühler we want to show you how our companies are fostering innovation. We answer questions on the structure of innovation at Haas and demonstrate how it will develop in the future to get even better at foreseeing market changes and customer needs while managing the risks involved. With the implementation of Bühler’s innovation process starting on September 1 we’re taking an important step toward a joint innovation culture. This will allow us to profit from the innovation resources of the whole Bühler Group in the future.

Innovations are an investment into the future that renew product portfolios and open up new markets. They ensure that we keep our competitive edge and strengthen our position as market leader. At Haas, innovations are driven by our business units on the one hand and our innovation team in Leobendorf on the other. Successfully so: at the end of 2016, we were able to bring the SWAKT-ECO wafer oven to market, a fully automatic baking oven that does not only work extremely efficiently, but also reduces noxious emissions by up to 90 percent. Our smart glasses are a service innovation that saves money and time through remotely guided repairs. And with SPIDER, we’ve built the foundation for our entry into the world of data-driven services, helping our customers understand what their machines are trying to tell them.

Research and Development is an important indicator for innovation. Last year, Bühler reinvested 4.5 % of their revenue into Research and Development – that’s 119 million CHF that attest their commitment to innovation. Their far-reaching network of innovation partners encompasses business partners as well as suppliers, startups and leading scientific and academic institutions. Haas is also evolving in this direction, making adequate investments into the future and opening up to external and internal innovation partners.
To do an even better job at bringing together all these different experiences and ideas, Bühler is building an innovation center in Uzwil that will also integrate Haas: the CUBIC, with a planned opening date in 2019.

Until then, we will explore new paths together to continue fostering innovation in our daily work routine. In the next part of our series on innovation, we will stray from the beaten path to find out what differentiates innovation from developments in the product life cycle and what besides Research and Development makes up good innovations.


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