Did you know that…

Did you know that…

  • every big expedition starts with a small step (quote from LaoTse)
  • our new sales organization makes us even more present in the markets with our full current and future product portfolio
  • thus we achieve a better market penetration
  • we are better able to respond to the needs of our customers

"Those who want to build tall towers
have to stay at the foundations for a long time."
Anton Bruckner (Austrian composer)

Every change takes time, time to be developed and time to be accepted. The reason for the realignment of the Global Sales Organization is higher presence in the markets and higher sales efficiency. This realignment enables us as a company to intensify and strengthen our customer relationships, create far better market penetration, thus also increase the global order volume to achieve our strategic goals. And of course the new organization, together with Bühler, opens up a huge market expansion for us. Over the past weeks, many scenarios have been discussed and developed in the area of Global Sales under the leadership of Peter Keller, which now have been formulated in the new organizational chart and its functions. Here we would like to present you the new sales organization chart. The management team of Global Sales will provide you with update information about the developments continuously. Global Sales will have various functions in the future based on three leading axes. The regional axis focuses on markets and customers. The product axis focuses on product development and machinery available for our customers including the BID approval which is in the responsibility of the Business Unit. The third axis with its support functions enables the other two axes to achieve maximum performance. The following short description illustrates the functions of the new sales organization. For detailed information, please feel free to contact Global Sales.

Managing Director Global Sales – has the overall management responsibility for all markets and incoming orders for all machines needed for the baking process of wafer, biscuit and CFT equipment of the Haas Food Group. He coordinates all market activity with the Business Units and drives the overall sales efficiency of the entire Sales Organization and reports in his function directly to the CEO. With Bühler it is agreed that Haas Sales (including its agents) remains the only organizational unit to sell the Haas portfolio.

Head of Sales Region – has the sales responsibility regarding the order intake from the assigned region for the machines of each product line. He also cooperates globally with the key accounts and Global Service and thus has a major role in their success. He provides all required market intelligence like information of market development and market requirements. In his Sales function he reports to the Managing Director Global Sales.

Head of Global Key Account Management – is the central point of successful relationships with global customer organization and has the sales responsibility for order intake from all Global Key Accounts (e.g. Nestle, Mondelez….) and their successful customer loyalty activities. He very closely cooperates with the regions, who provide their full support, and Global Service. He reports to the Managing Director Global Sales.

Head of Sales Product Line – coordinates the Product Line Sales Managers and is the central point of contact for the manager of the respective Business Unit in regards to market and product definition. Keeps the Business Unit informed about all market developments and coordinates the order intake process. As well supports the sales regions and is cooperating with the Heads of Sales Regions on successfully selling the equipment from his product line. Is also responsible for the tech center and food technologists of the Business Unit and promotes the networking of food technology globally. In his Sales function he reports to the Managing Director Global Sales. For his product responsibilities he is part of the Business Unit Management Team. In this task he reports to the Managing Director Business Unit.

Manager Business Development Sales – supports sales regions and product lines and has the task of identifying, developing and driving new market fields, trends and products that are in line with our company strategy. Collaborates with marketing, food technologists and product management to prepare for market trends with their impact to sales.

Area Sales Manager – is the market owner and drives orders released of all product lines in a country. Keeps Global Sales informed about all market activities, sales activities in his market and market needs. Cooperates in processes for order intake with Sales Product Line and Global Service. Reports to the Head of his region.

Global Key Account Management – manages the customer relationship of his dedicated Key Account and drives orders released of all product lines with his Key Account. Keeps Global Sales informed about all market activities, sales activities in his market and market needs. Cooperates in processes with Sales Product Line and Service. Reports to head of Global Key Account.

Product Line Sales Manager – drives orders released of a product line and supports the Area Sales Manager in the sales process in defined countries. Reports to Head of Product Line Sales.

Head of Commercial Sales & Sales Efficiency is responsible for the continuous improvement of the sales processes in the organization including sales controlling and the necessary systems and tools, as well as their implementation. In his Sales function he reports to the Managing Director Global Sales.

Head of Sales Support & Sales Training is responsible for training of the Area Sales Managers (ASMs), Global Key Account Managers (GKAM’s) and agents on all technical and commercial topics, relevant to successful sales and sales materials, thereby ensuring the required qualification levels. In his Sales function he reports to the Managing Director Global Sales.

Successful sales is one major key to further development of our group and to reach our strategic targets. A highly important and challenging task. A strong and collaborating team can move mountains.

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