Full Life Cycle Support

At Haas we know that it is crucial for our customers that our production lines are able to work 24/7 using a minimum of energy and producing the maximum quantity of high-quality products at a minimum of waste. Nowadays, topics like sustainability, ecological footprints and low emission are of growing importance not only in terms of social matters but also in production ways. Our continuous aim is to support our customers not only with the best machinery, but also with the best support in each of these trends and developments.

To meet these demands, we are now offering you the Haas Integrated Lifecycle Support (Haas-ILS). The Haas-ILS plans and directs the identification and development of support and system requirements with the goal of creating machinery and systems that last longer and require less support, thereby reducing costs and increasing return on investments. The Haas-ILS therefore, addresses these aspects of supportability not only during acquisition, but also throughout the operational life cycle of the system. The impact of Haas-ILS can be measured in terms such as reliability, availability, maintainability and testability, and even system safety.